RoofTop at the Marina

Joining Jesus in His Mission: ‘To seek and save what was lost’

The Rooftop is a global movement that is giving Christians a new passion and desire to Join Jesus in His Mission. To see lost people as Jesus sees them and then, with Christ-like compassion, to tell them the good news and make disciples of people who are beyond the walls of the church.

Imagine gathering on a rooftop looking across your local community and asking God to help you see it as He sees it. Our group meets, shares experiences, and learns to change ourselves to see, hear, and help others, with love as Jesus would.

Rooftop is meeting every Friday night on D dock* at Bay Point Marina from 6:00 to about 8:00ish for laughs, conversation, and a bite to eat. We provide the food, you provide your drink. This is a casual environment to build relationships and do life together.

*When the winter weather allows, we are outside on the dock. When it’s cold and/or raining, we are on one of the boats. Once spring gets here and we are out on the docks more regularly, we will add fishing to our activity list.

At the Marina, it is neutral territory, people are relaxed, and, they are looking for a friend. We have a beautiful “family of friends “ that continues to grow. Our group meets solely to build relationships. There are no bible studies or preaching. If it comes up, we do have in depth biblical conversations. By building friendships, when someone in the group, or one of their friends or family, have an issue, they feel more comfortable coming to and asking questions, asking for help, or even asking how to meet Jesus. 

"Remember, you and I are the church. Jesus didn’t ask the disciples to go into the temple, He asked the to “go forth”..." -Debby Jenkins

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